Moving Forward

I am now finished my final year of school which was extremely stressful and challenging but also so rewarding. Now that I’ve completed my fashion design degree I am taking some time to re-focus on what I want to do and evaluate my plans and goals.

The press coverage and support for my graduation collection has been amazing and a little overwhelming. Thank you to all the people who helped me out with this project and to the media for sharing my work with a wider audience. I am extremely passionate about slow fashion and want to continue to develop the collection. The interest I have received in purchasing garments is very exciting and I hope to do some custom work this summer. I am also ordering fabric samples from some sustainable fabric suppliers and will be creating some more designs!

My husband and I also recently moved into a new house with a beautiful garden full of plants and flowers so I’m planning on doing a lot of natural dye experiments, specifically printing and solar-dyeing, with these new leaves and flowers.  I will post updates on how they work out. :)

Really looking forward to this summer and next year!


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