Clustered Bellflower -Natural Dye

I’ve begun doing some natural dye experiments with the plants in my backyard. This is the first and unfortunately didn’t work out.

This plant I believe is a clustered bellflower (campanula glomerata):


I wanted to see if the purple flowers could be used as dye. A quick google search online gave me nothing about the flowers as dye material, which wasn’t a good sign, but I thought I would see what happened.

I picked a bunch of the petals and put them in a jar, covering them with hot water.

Bellflower jar

After only 15 minutes I was already starting to see some colour coming from the flowers.

Bellflower jar colour

A day later the flowers had lost all their colour and turned white.

Bellflower jar colour2

I used half the liquid to try dying a small piece of silk/cotton fabric with no result. With the rest I added a small amount of alum, which turned the colour to a bright blue and put in a swatch of cotton and small piece of wool yarn.

Bellflower jar alum

The jar then sat out in the sun and after a few days the blue started fading until it eventually went clear, but the swatches retained no colour.


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